What is the .eu Web Awards?

Are you ready to showcase your website to the world? Look no further than the prestigious .eu Web Awards! Since 2014, this online competition has been recognizing the cream of the crop when it comes to websites using the .eu, .ею or .ευ extensions.

By participating in the .eu Web Awards, you have the chance to elevate your website's profile and stand out from the crowd. From stunning design to cutting-edge innovation and social impact, we've seen it all.

Join us in celebrating the power of the internet and the incredible websites that make it all possible. Submit your website to the .eu Web Awards today and let your online presence shine!



The .eu Web Awards is all-inclusive. No fees required, from nomination to winner!

Value & credibility

Attract new visitors to your website and enhance your credibility through the marketing initiatives included in the prize package.

Unique Gala

15 finalists will be invited to the .eu Web Awards Ceremony, held on 16 November 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

The nomination and voting process


The 2023 .eu Web Awards winners were accounced during a ceremony held on 16 November 2023.

Rising Stars
House of .eu
Better World
Special Commendations

Selection of the winners and the prizes

Finalists with the highest scores from the jury were selected as winners, and were announced during the Awards ceremony held on 16 November 2023.

The six winners will receive the following:

Online marketing campaign for a budget of € 5 000

Organised together with an EURid appointed marketing agency

Crystal .eu Award

Digital .eu, .ею or .ευ Web Awards icon

To be used on websites and social media accounts.


Stella Tsitsoula

Stella Tsitsoula is a specialized communications consultant in the Tech and Cybersecurity industry. She works with multinational organizations and universities to navigate emerging technologies, manage risk, and strategize for the future. Stella promotes European Cyber Security Challenge events and represents the National Cybersecurity Team of the Hellenic Republic. She is the Co-founder and Vice President of Women4Cyber Greece chapter and serves as the Greek Liaison to the ECSC Steering Committee at ENISA.With her own communications agency and as the founder of Space Communications Alliance, Stella has over 25 years of senior management experience in media and communications. She holds a B.Sc degree in Computer Engineering, a PGCert in Management of Public Relations, and is pursuing an MBA. Stella is also a Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.

Roman Kabelka

Roman Kabelka has had a long-term focus on web and mobile application accessibility at Czech tech company MasterDC. As a visually impaired, he combines his professional perspective of a web developer with the practical user view of a screen reader. Together with MasterDC, Roman actively spreads awareness around web accessibility and leads the team of accessibility auditors, who help companies meet their online accessibility standards.

Inge buffolo

Born in Germany, Inge graduated as telecommunications engineer from the University of Trier. After her thesis and some time working in the Project Centre for Hewlett Packard in Frankfurt, she joined the Société Européenne des Satellites, Luxembourg, where she worked for six years in Business Administration and Project Management. Since 2010, Inge has been holding various positions at EUIPO, such as Head of Institutional Relations, Deputy Director of Customer Service and Head of Business Analysis. Her current role is Director of the Customer Department, where she drives the customer-focused evolution incorporating data-driven customer feedback to EUIPO solutions and customer communication.Since 2018 Inge has led the EUIPO’s SME-focused activity in the context of the 5-year office-wide SME Programme, the objective of which is to get IP information and protection to European SMEs.

João Pedro Martins

João Pedro Martins is currently a Data Scientist at Talkdesk. He has a Master’s in Informatics Engineering from the University of Coimbra, with a specialisation in Intelligent Systems. He has taken an active role in online safety and digital literacy discussions and best practices since an early age, being a Youth Ambassador for the Better Internet for Kids Project for the last 9 years, within the European Insafe Network. More recently, he has also become member of several youth initiatives in the Internet Governance field, with relevant positions in the Youth IGF Movement and as Coordinator of the EURid Youth Committee. João is also member of the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance, Youth Observatory within Internet Society and participates on youth programs of Council of Europe and ICANN.

Alastair Gill

Alastair Gill is a British journalist and translator. His work covers current affairs, culture, digital innovation and travel, and has featured in a wide range of publications, from leading international news media to industry journals and cultural projects. He is also a longstanding collaborator with several organisations focusing on cybersecurity and internet governance, including the Youth IGF.